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We had been in the BPO industry for over a decade and experienced the pitfalls and successes of global operations. We knew there had to be a better way, which lead us to found ROJO. Our goal is to help you and your company succeed through high quality staffing, lower costs, and efficient operations. We pride ourselves on providing the best staffing, low attrition rates, excellent English skills, and dependable, talented professionals you will be proud to work with.

Whether you just need a customer service team or you’re looking for talented programmers and software developers, we’re here to help you find the professionals that will bring your company to the next level. We can help you expand your customer service to 24 hours or provide staff to help with online chat or email support. We can build a team to run overnight QA work and bug reporting, letting your local programmers work more efficiently. We can provide executive assistants to let you hand-off busy work and focus on your top priorities. We can provide back office teams who work hand-in-hand with your current employees to save money or get work done more quickly.

Whatever your need, reach out and let’s talk about how ROJO can help your business do more.

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