Why BuroProffesional makes the difference?

We are a team of high-qualified Cuban consultants and accountants that live in and provide global services from Cuba. We know, as nobody, the culture and idiosyncrasy of the Cuban people and we are connected with its people and their reality.

We understand the critical nuances of local customs, laws, labor markets, suppliers and investors and therefore we are able to effectively navigate countless challenges on behalf of our clients in an effort to maximize their business opportunities in Cuba.

Combining the state-of-the art consulting techniques with responsiveness, flexibility and creativity we get innovative tailor-made solution that lead you to success. We work in different languages.

Moreover we have lived and worked long time in various foreign countries and we know the European, Asian and Latin-American cultures. Therefore we can built bridges between Cuba and foreign cultures and make possible your business intention will be good interpreted and adapted to Cuban conditions and economic environment, so that you can realize successfully your business goals.