Q. I want to invest in Cuba, what I have to do for that?

It is possible to invest in Cuba, for which we recommend the following steps:

I. Identify Cuban enterprises with potential interest in joint investment projects with foreign natural or legal persons. To do this you can:

- Contact ProCuba: Investment Promotion Center of Ministry for Foreign Investment and Economic Collaboration (MINVEC);

- Contract the services of a Cuban consultancy;

- Contact Ministries and business groups according to their interests.

II. If there is interest in developing the investment project, both parts subscribes an Intention Business Letter or a general agreement.

III. Process business is where the economic and legal documentation required by the proposed association is prepared.

IV. Submission of documentation to the MINVEC, who made a preliminary assessment of the investment

V. Approval (or denial) of the investment project by the Government or a Commission appointed by this purpose.