Q. Can I establish a 100% foreign company in Cuba?

Yes, you can establish a 100% Foreign Company in Cuba. Foreign investors in totally (100%) foreign capital companies can be established within the national territory:

 - as a natural person acting for himself;

- as a legal entity, constituting a Cuban subsidiary of the foreign entity that owns, through public deed, in the form of joint stock company with registered shares; or

- as a legal entity, establishing a branch of a foreign entity

But, the foreign investment in Cuba can take other forms, too:

- Joint Venture: a new legal person is created in the form of corporation, where participate national and foreign investors as shareholders.

- International Economic Association Agreement: a new legal entity is created and is concluded by national and foreign investors. As to international economic association classified, among others, risk contracts for the exploration of non-renewable natural resources, construction, agricultural production, hotel, production or service administration and contracts for the provision of professional services.

- Cooperated Production Contract of goods or services:

These contracts are approved by ministers in charge of the economic sector in question.

The contractual relationship comprises one or more national parties with one or more foreign parties to the joint implementation or cooperation of productive activities and / or services.

The foreign party should provide material or financial resources, technology or market for production or services object of the contract, settling in the negotiations the form of remuneration for each concept.

Marketing, either national or abroad, it will be made independently by the parties, with no distribution of profits between them.