Q. Cuba has Free Zone?

Cuba has no free zone, but has a special development zone: Mariel, established in 2013, located 1 hour from Havana, and with an area of 465.4 km2. The area has very favorable logistical location and conditions, especially from the investment in the Port of Mariel.It has a strategic position, located in a broad point of trade.A thousand miles around the Zone 32 ports in 17 countries, the most important in the region are located.

The Mariel Special Development Zone (ZEDM) is a space within the national territory not defined demarcation of the customs, in which special regimes and policies apply, such as: customs, tax, labor, insurance, control, monetary and banking.

Not being in the presence of a free zone for processing goods not requiring quotas to producers established in the area or mandatory limits proportions of sales for the local market and export are arranged.

ZEDM gives priority to the following activities:

- Biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry

- Renewable energy

- Agri-food industry

- Tourism and Real Estate

- Packaging industry

- Agriculture

- Telecommunications and Informatics

- Investments in infrastructure