Expanding your operation to new markets

Transport & Logistics encompasses a broad range of businesses including transporters, shippers, intermediaries and service providers among others. Despite this diversity, there are clearly some common developments and challenges affecting many of the actors of this industry. BuroProffesional offers our clients tailored solutions through our advisory and support services to help the logistic companies to improve their performance and extend their operation to new markets. BuroProffesional is a trust partner that opens door to new markets abroad and assure you extend your operation to these markets with satisfaction for your clients.

BuroProffesional is Rosebrock GmbH partner in Cuba.      

 Optimizing production costs and financial performance

 ·         Working capital requirement (WCR) and cash management optimisation;

 ·         Hedge foreign currency exchange rate and raw materials risk exposures.

 Seizing market opportunities | Enhancing your market presence

 ·         Support to establish businesses or extend footprint into emerging and growth markets taking local specificities into account;

 ·         Identify new partnerships (including public-private partnerships (PPPs) and acquisitions as a means of developing your company, product range or international presence;

 ·         Secure your development and acquisition projects.

 Securing your operations

 ·         Implement or optimise your anti-corruption policy;

 ·         Help you managing your subsidiaries by providing coordinated services in audit, accounting and tax;

 ·         Internal Controls, risk management;

 ·         Conduct an exhaustive data review to improve the decision-making process while limiting the risk of fraud.

 Improving operational performance

 ·         Design and deploy a green strategy including carbon emission optimisation;

 ·         Optimise your IT system;

 ·         Support in setting up and optimising shared services centers (SSCs);

 ·         Manage and optimise your transfer pricing policies and procedures.