BuroProffesional' Renewable Energy practice

BuroProffesional brings together specialised teams within the energy sector to effectively respond to major challenges facing the industry.

The challenges of a changing industry

Driven by the government, development of new technologies, depletion of fossil fuels, and growing environmental concerns, the share of renewable energy in the overall energy mix is expected to grow significantly. Operating in a tough market economy and a complex regulatory environment, industry players are facing three major challenges:

› Financing business development and new projects

› Seizing growth opportunities and expanding internationally 

› Innovating in production processes and products

Our expertise in Renewable Energy

In order to effectively support our clients, BuroProffesional brings together specialised teams within a dedicated sector, combining both technical and industry expertise. 

This sectorial specialization aims to provide a high service quality and tailored and innovative solutions to meet the challenges of the sector.   

Financing business development and new projects

  • ·         Consulting in project finance and infrastructure (Public Private Partnerships);

    ·         Project review, profitability analysis, feasibility study;  

    ·         Consulting and assistance in cash management optimization and working capital (working capital needs);

    ·         Improving or maintaining profitability level;  

    ·         Securing productive investments. 

Optimising financial management

  • · Audit both large companies and SMEs, listed and unlisted

    · Support the finance and accounting function, reporting and consolidation

    · Financial engineering (optimisation of corporate finance, cash management, working capital reduction, reverse factoring, ...)

    · Alignment of costs in connection with the business strategy (ABC ...)

    · Financial modelling of investment projects

 Internationalization and expansion

  • ·         Assistance in your transactions, reconciliations, capital increases, mergers and acquisitions advisory, due diligence, valuation, PPA (Purchase Price Allocation), Business Plan;

    ·         Financial, tax and legal assistance in establishing company or subsidiaries;

    ·         Internal control, risk management. 

Innovating and improving processes

  • ·         Consulting in Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainable development: defining the strategy and operational implementation, stakeholder management, reporting and "green" accounting.