Business Consulting

We are at your side facing challenges in a competitive and evolving market

Organisations operating in a competitive and complex global environment have to rapidly evolve and meet increasing challenges. Business success results sometimes from effective business transformation.

We have a dedicated consulting team that advises you on financial and business issues that help you to improve the business performance and reach your business goals.

Also we help you develop new perspectives and capabilities when entering Cuban market and enhancing their business performance via the creation of sustainable competitive advantages.

Moreover we keep our clients abreast of changes in the law. We help you to keep your business compliant with state-imposed ongoing requirements and also internal formalities.

We advice you on follow issues:

INTERNATIONALIZATION/MARKET ENTRY ADVISORY- Investment abroad requires an exhaustive research related to business, market and law. Therefore it requires the assistance from expert consultants and good legal advisors at place. We can help you to minimize your risk and costs by initial investment stages. We assist you with knowing and interpretation of investment legal framework, searching business niches, points of contact and updated information, drafting and translation of business and legal documents and many more.

Our Internationalization/Market Entry Advisory Services provide a holistic range of tailor-made solutions to help our Client by investmenting in Cuba and to optimize our clients’ chances of success in expanding their presence in Cuban market.

- Business Intelligence & Market Research

- Regulatory Advisory

- Feasibility Studies

- Business Case Development

- Cuba Partner Search Joint Ventures/Franchising/Distribution advisory Foreign Set-Up Facilitation & Documentation

FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT ADVISORY- For many Small-and-Medium Enterprises, strong financial management is essential for building resilience and sustainable growth. From internationalisation to mergers & acquisitions to fundraising and cash flow management, the importance of strong financial management can never be emphasised enough. We support many organisations in developing a solid financial management foundation to support their business growth.

- Financial Performance Review

- Profitability Review

- Financial Projections/Scenario Planning

- Financial Growth Strategies

- Mergers & Acquisitions/Joint Ventures

- Fund Raising

- Business Plan Development

- Cash-Flow and Working Capital Management

- Forecasting, Planning and Budgeting

- Competitor and Industry Financial Benchmarking

DUE DILIGENCE AND TRANSACTION SUPPORT- We offer vendors, purchasers and financiers all the necessary skills and expertise to serve every aspect of their transactions.

Combining financial expertise with commercial acumen, our multi-disciplinary teams target business drivers, balance sheet pillars, key management, key relationships and taxation to provide insight which is critical for transaction decisions.

Be it buy-side or sell-side, our due diligence professionals are equipped with in-depth knowledge and experience that enable business-oriented analysis of all sizes of targets in different market sectors and geographies.