Tax Services

We keep you calm, relaxed and complied!

Taxation can be one of the most complicated matters that you have in front of you every time.

You can call on our tax team for advice on tax compliance and tax advisory services. We give specialist advice on mergers, acquisitions, and transfer pricing or setting up a new financial operation overseas.

BuroProffesional will assist and advise you in a number of other ways. We help you:

- Determine the most tax efficient way to structure your foreign business,

- Structure the funding of your overseas business, incorporating local tax laws,

- Manage an effective tax rate and the timing of your transactions,

- Provide expatriate tax services.

We are able to provide you with the following tax services:

Business Tax Compliance

At BuroProffesional we ensure permanent tax intelligence and help you be tax compliant.

Filing a tax return correctly and on time can be a time consuming task.Tax returns - from income tax, corporation tax, and dividend tax to gift tax or inheritance tax - provide important information for the tax authorities and can also reveal areas where you can make savings. BuroProffesional will complete your return, provide you with a summary of its content and point out where tax savings can be made.We also help you determine your fiscal position, and will contact the tax authorities on your behalf. Other activities we carry out for you include wages administration, data collection and re-analysis.

Tax advisory Services

At BuroProffesional we offer dedicated tax advisory services.

Increased regulations and reporting obligations are time consuming.

BuroProffesional’ Tax Advisory Services advise you on the increasing risk to your company due to the changing tax environment, by managing your tax planning in an efficient manner, or implementing your organisational change in a tax efficient manner.

We also deliver tailor-made advice in the field of structured finance, strategy on tax litigation, real estate transactions and tax structuring on M&A assignments.

Corporate tax

At BuroProffesional we support you in implementing global tax solutions.

Our corporate tax teams have the knowledge to help you with your tax audits and build your tax strategy. We understand the industry in which you operate and the way your organisation works – as well as the needs of your directors or shareholders. We are aware that your tax liabilities can grow with your business, so our corporate tax services are tailored to every stage of your organisation’s lifespan. No company is too small or too large for us – we cater for owner-managed businesses as well as international groups.

International tax

At BuroProffesional we support you in implementing an effective tax organization at international level.

We provide international tax advisory services.

- Help you through your cross-border merger or acquisitions

- Support your transfer pricing and international financing operations,

- Help you set up your new operation overseas.

Are you looking for experts in cross-border real estate transactions and Cuban case law?

BuroProffesional’ experts are ready to help.

Employment tax

At BuroProffesional we offer solutions in employment tax administration.

Do you find employment tax complex and time consuming? Our experts at BuroProffesional will ease the burden.

We guide you through the complexity of international tax regulations.

However we are also hands-on in our approach. We help you with day-to-day administration, or help you establish employment tax strategies to maximise your profits. We also advise you on suitable share schemes and expatriate tax issues.

Corporate structures

At BuroProffesional we support you in managing your projects and their tax optimization.

In all of these cases, BuroProffesional is able to help. Our tax experts combine a sound understanding of cross-border tax with a detailed knowledge of tax structures and products in each country. We always take into account our client’s needs, circumstances and budget.

Our group is made up of tax experts from BuroProffesional’ core countries, who call on tax specialists from all of our global offices.

We offer a wealth of project management experience and a high level of partner involvement during assignments. We always deliver the most practical and cost effective solutions which take into account all types of tax from VAT to social security, income tax and corporation tax.


Expatriate tax Services

Trade globalisation is setting a new trend for international companies. However, international firms have to map out a well-considered cross-border employment policy. For international mobility of employment, expatriation must be prepared in a careful manner, sufficiently in advance, and complying with risk management regulations.

The BuroProffesional Expatriate Desk offers expertise in various areas. Our extensive service package offers:

- Consultancy on salary split arrangements, special expatriate planning - meeting the needs of your business while being cost-efficient,

- Consultancy on social security coverage during an assignment or cross-border commuter situation, including the application for a certificate of coverage,

- Consultancy on foreign pension schemes and (international) stock option schemes,

- Preparation of personal income tax returns,

- Consultancy on residence applications and work permits,

- International payroll services.

It is essential for the employer and employee to come up with the most appropriate solution for local regulation while taking into account the employee’s personal profile.

Transfer pricing Services

At BuroProffesional we provide you with transfer pricing services. Market research consistently shows that for international business, transfer pricing continues to be the most significant international tax issue.

Tax audits are becoming more focused in most countries, with an increasing number of specialists at the heart of the fiscal authorities. The exchange of information between different countries is becoming much more prevalent, leading to greater clarity over cross border tax takes. The issue is not just confined to large multinationals. Medium sized and family businesses are also affected where their trading operations take them overseas.Our transfer pricing team meet and work together frequently to a common standard, so you can be confident of consistency and good communication; key areas in the arena of international taxation. Our services include:

- Defence strategies,

- Negotiations with Revenue Authorities,

- Planning for minimisation of global tax rate.

VAT/Indirect tax

At BuroProffesional we offer pragmatic solutions to issues raised by VAT and indirect tax. 

Value Added Tax, or VAT, is a tax charged on most business-to-business and business-to-consumer transactions in a growing number of other countries. The laws establishing the VAT are national laws. 

The complexity of VAT legislation is a growing concern for businesses. Management of VAT and other indirect taxes is a key issue, especially for companies involved in international trade.

Our specialists help you to maximize savings in finding an optimal VAT position for current or planned business activities. They can assist you with VAT planning and compliance, VAT scans and with local and international advice.

High net worth individuals

At BuroProffesional we offer personalized services and solutions. As your personal circumstances change; so will your tax obligations. Tax information can be overwhelming and record keeping can be time consuming for the individual.

At BuroProffesional, we treat each individual with the same importance as a large company. We will do more than file and review your tax return.

We provide a bespoke service, counselling through life’s challenges and looking at the complete picture when it comes to your financial planning. That’s why we have long-lasting relationships with tens of thousands of private clients. We also take on the responsibility of planning your entire estate. BuroProffesional will:

- Help you get the best from tax relief, allowances and tax efficient structures,

- Help you maximise the benefits of your tax status,

- Advise you on how to structure your business interests to maintain capital,

- Assess the tax implications of family events,

- Prepare your personal tax returns,

- Help you deal with Revenue and Customs.