Business Services

For supporting your business we are your right election!

Are you seeking assistance to start a business or to incorporate a company in Cuba? Need you help to stay your business compliant in Cuba? BuroProffesional is your right election!

Starting a Business

Whether you're buying a franchise, creating a start-up, purchasing an existing operation or turning a hobby into a home-based entity – starting a business of any kind involves a great deal of planning and preparation. In addition to helping you incorporate or form an LLC, as well as providing information about how to start a business in each particular state, BuroProffesional offers services useful to entrepreneurs when starting a business. Featured services include:

  • ⇒Assistance to prepare and to file the necessary legal and tax documents to incorporate and to legalize your company
  • ⇒Translation of legal documents
  • ⇒Drafting of agreements and other legal documents necessary to start a Business
  • ⇒Assistance to obtain the necessary license and permit applications you need to operate and start a business
  • ⇒Assistance to register trademarks and commercial names

Ongoing Services

Corporations face new requirements and state-imposed ongoing requirements and also internal formalities. BuroProffesional’ services extend beyond incorporation and the startup phase and can help your business to stay compliant.

Our services include:

  • ⇒Filing annual reports with the state and paying the necessary filing fees
  • ⇒Paying taxes Adopting bylaws (corporations)
  • ⇒Holding the properly documents and updated licenses and permits

BuroProffesional can help you avoid unnecessary penalties and fees by providing services and tools to keep your business compliant. Amend your state-filed documents to change the information on file with the state as your business changes.

Business Support Events

Engaging internal and external customers and other Stakeholders is an essential Requisite to Support the growth and profitability of a Business. Events connect People. Events enhance innovations. Events build Networks and Clients loyalty. Events generate Change.

BuroProffesional is your strategic event management partner. We assist you to organize a business event that help you achieve your business goals.

We organize and help your attendance in the following events:

⇒Matching and networking Events

⇒Identificator of Partner and Distributors

⇒Corporate and Promotional Events

⇒Strategic Alliance

⇒Buyers and Exhibitors Recruiting for Trade Shows


⇒Round tables

⇒Presentations and conferences

⇒Business fairs