Making Business in Cuba


Helping established international companies clear hurdles, make a seamless entry, andbecome operational and profitable as quickly as possible

Cuba is a promising business landscape, but challenges persist – some typical of many other evolving economies, others closely tied to Cuba’s unique history and business climate. To overcome these challenges, investors need an insider’s expertise and input. BuroProffesional’s knowledge of the marketplace and on-island relationships makes it an invaluable partner in working to identify and secure your investment in Cuba. We match our client’s needs with our local knowledge to provide a suite of Market Entry services designed to:
Bring clarity to a challenging process
Accelerate timeframes and cut start up times
Avoid costly pitfalls and errors
Immediately position a new entrant for long term sustainable growth 


Going it alone often leads to missteps, squandered time, and wasted money. We help our clients put the pieces together, and solve the puzzle of successful market entry.  

Network Building

Cuba is all about connections. After years of living and working in Cuba and having support many companies during their investment projects in Cuba, we have experience and can identify potential niches and markets opportunities for your business in Cuba and put you in touch with the individuals and companies that will accelerate your success.   

Consulting & Advisory   

Drafting and revising the associated contractual documents, 
Diagnostic analysis of existing situations (demand, risks, payment mechanisms, benchmarking against international practice, etc.), 
Comparative analysis of laws and financial and legal issues
Assistance for preparing all the documentation you need for doing business in Cuba 


Business Development 

Our business development services help you make an informed and cost effective entry, while slashing the time it takes to become profitable. Working on your behalf, we engage in a comprehensive review of the market for your product or service, covering:  

Current demand, competitors and price points
Identification of potential clients, customers and service providers
Develop a comprehensive market entry plan including tailored sales and marketing strategies 

Often, we then take it a step further and work with our clients to generate leads, sales and business for them. We use our existing relationships to generate the first crucial sales, and help our clients implement our sales strategy. 

Project Management

When companies enter Cuba, they are faced with a mountain of work to become operational. More often than not, many of these tasks are one-time, start-up related jobs that fall outside the company’s core competencies. Outsourcing them to BuroProffesional gives you fewer items to juggle and more time to focus on what you know best.

Examples of outsourced project management jobs include:

Talent Acquisition
Importation, clearance and transport of items
Domestic real estate acquisition
Company registration and governmental compliance
Procurement and logistics


Ongoing support

Financial performance audits throughout the project, 
Monitoring of contract to ensure compliance with regulatory chhanges and fitness purpose 
Implementation of legal, accounting and tax monitoring system